What Is Germguard ?


Germguard is a unique, 8 day, active residual, high level, broad spectrum, disinfectant cleaner & deodoriser and is all you need to clean and disinfect your whole environment. Representing the very latest in long term active surface protection technology, Germguard can be used on almost any surface Safe for all Medical, Commercial & Household use for cleaning, disinfecting & deodorising with long term active 8 day surface protection against germs. 


Recently launched, after years of development, with our superior advanced active surface protection performance over other disinfectant cleaners. Germguard has been through rigorous independant Laboratory, NHS Hospital and University testing and approvals and is probably tested to a far greater extent than any other all in one disinfecting cleaning product available on the market today.


Germguard is the only disinfectant, cleaner & deodoriser to incorporate our long term 8 day antimicrobial active technology, which provides a molecular covalent bond to the applied surface. Unlike conventional products, this technology creates an invisible antimicrobial protective barrier that continues to be active, even when dry, giving continuous long term surface protection against  germs,  for up to 8 days after a single application.



                                                    Cleans          -          Disinfects        -          Deodorises         -         Protects


Why Use Germguard ?


Billions of micro-organisms occupy our environments  everyday,  including  our  homes, cars,  offices, factories, buses, trains,  hotels, even  our bodies

In fact everywhere, they are able to survive on surfaces for long periods of time, multiplying at an incredible rate as they do so. Most are not harmful but the harmful ones, called "Germs", cause illness and infections  that make you, your family, your customers, your guests and your staff sick.


Cleaning, disinfecting & infection control of all areas in our busy home and working environments today, has  become a problem of major proportions Unfortunately, conventional  disinfectants are not upto the task, whilst they are  effective  when they are first used, their efficacy does not last very long

Micro-organisms are killed during the first few minutes exposure to the agents, but once the disinfectant has dried, they stop working. The surface is once again, subjected to dangerous infectious micro-organisms, one surviving bacterium can reproduce into eight million bacteria within a single day.


Germguard was developed to deliver peace of mind in todays continuous fight against germs, providing high level cleaning, broad spectrum disinfection, odour destruction and unique long term residual active surface protection. 


Simply spray onto the surface to be cleaned & wipe over, once Germguard has been applied, even after it has dried, it remains effective for up to 8 days after a single application. Providing continued proven surface protection against bacteria, outlasts all leading disinfectants. No other water based product or technology delivers this superior high level cleaning, broad spectrum disinfecting, deodorising and 8 day active residual surface protection offered by Germguard, even on surfaces and materials that are difficult to disinfect and deodorise such as carpets, curtains and other fabrics. 


Germguard ready to use cleans up and wipes away the competition 






But we dont expect you to just take our word for it do we ? 


Of course not, Germguard has been through years of rigorous testing and approvals within UK independant laboratories, hospitals and universities and following recent success within NHS Hospitals against  Superbugs, we have  been heavily featured in editions of the cleaning industry periodicals






Germguard was nominated "Best Healthcare Cleaning Product" in the cleaning Industry Awards

       Non Toxic     -     Non Corrosive     -     Non Flammable     -     Non Carcinogenic    -    Non Bleaching     -     Non Irritant    -    Non Tainting

Dr C Woodall - Professor A Leanord


Dr P Redding - Professor C Robertson



NHS Hospital Trust comparison of Germgaurd against Actichlor and other cleaning disinfectant agents.


"The cleaning agents had demonstrated capacity to be effective against micro-organisms to include bacteria, fungi and some classes of viruses."



"Germguard is an important find"




"Chlorine releasing agents are a contributor of damage to medical devices, the environment and hypersensitivity in cleaning staff, resulting in poor cleaning compliance within the Health Trust.


Therefore, this study provides evidence that Germguard can replace chlorine releasing agents without a loss of efficiency "

Dr Mat Upton


Director of the University of Manchester

Medicine & Molecular Microbiology


Germguard 8 day technology residual efficacy in an everyday working environment


"Most cleaning agents or disinfectants stop working and do not remain active once they have dried”  




"No bacteria was recovered on days 6 or 7    from the Germguard treated surfaces"  




"It is clear from the data that Germguard has a potent activity against the bacteria tested when it is used to coat a surface.


This extends to prevention of bacterial colonisation, growth and biofilm formation, the inhibitory activity has a residual nature that lasts for more than 8 days"

Tested To BS EN, UKAS, NHS & BSAC 


1275 -1276 -1650 - 13697 - 13704 - 13727 14348 - 14476


Germguard is proven to destroy Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Mycobacteria, Fungi, Yeast & Mould


              Pseudomonas aeruginosa                                   Escherichia coli                      Staphylococcus hirae

                    Enterococcus hirae                                        Aspergillus niger                     

Candida albicans

Aspergillus brasiliensis



Listeria monocytogenes

Salmonella typhimurium

Legionella pneumophila

Clostridium difficile

Bacillus subtilis varniger

Campylobacter jejuni



Klebsiella pneumoniae

Vancomyn Resistant Enterococci VRE 


Plus many other Micro-organisms