Protect Your Hotels & Guest Houses


Guests leave behind more than just socks and old paperbacks


A new study found viruses on TV remotes, light switches and even hotel pens after guests had checked out, the study shows the potential hazards if a hotel or guesthouse turnaround amounts to little more than changing the sheets and wiping out the bath tub.


Germs can survive on surfaces for a long time, the study aim was to test the long term survival of Germs, researchers had 15 people with lab-confirmed micro-organisms spend a night in individual rooms at a hotel, and after they checked out, the researchers tested 10 items they had touched.


Germs were found on all 10 items, door handles, pens, light switches, TV remote controls, telephones, table lamps, taps, toilet handles, shower curtains and guest information booklet. They are all high touch high risk surface areas and they all harbored micro-organisms.


They can last for days on surfaces and they like to stay in the same conditions as we do, warm and cozy, one single surviving bacterium can easily reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day that can be transferred from surfaces back to our bodies causing illnesses. 


You can't stop Germs from checking into your hotel or guest house, but you can kill them and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, and protect your guest's, staff and visitors long term.