Germguard not only works, it continues to work for up to 8 days.


Independant Laboratory and University testing have confirmed Germguards long term 8 day antimicrobial active surface protection technology.


Germguard is all you need to clean, disinfect deodorise and to protect yourself, family, business staff, visitors,  guests and your whole environment.



Conventional disinfectant cleaners are not upto the task.


They are effective when first used, but unfortunatley, their efficacy does not last very long


Micro-Organisms are killed during the first few minutes of exposure to the active agents and once the disinfectant has dried, the treated surface is once again, subject to immediate dangerous and infectious micro-organisms.



Germguard performs all four of the essential tasks required for infection prevention and control in one single product


High Level Cleaning - Broad Spectrum Disinfection - Odour Elimination - Active Surface Protection



Reduce cost, time, and storage space.


No need to purchase, transport and store seperate products to perform seperate tasks. Germguard is an all in one product that protects your whole environment; cleans, disinfects, deodorises and provides long term active surface protection. Saving you purchase, time, transport and storage costs. Germguard offers exceptional performance and value against conventional products on the market today.

Safe for you and the environment.


Germguard uses a less aggressive approach utilising own natural “keys” to disarm the microbial defences with a physical kill, thereby only requiring low volumes of biocides to kill the microbes, these significantly reduced levels allow Germguard products to be used without harmful effect on people, equipment, the environment and on almost any hard or soft surface, whilst still providing industry leading results. 


Germguard does not contain any silver or other heavy metals, formaldehyde or phenol groups.


Here at Germguard, we ensure that all our products are manufactured in a safe manner and with a more efficient use of ingredients transport and natural resources, like water energy and packaging to help protect the environment.


Germguard requires no hazard warning labels of any kind in ready to use form. 


EU CLP compliance and BPR


European Union (BPR) Biocide Product Regulation and (CLP) Compliance Labelling and Packaging legislation compliant.  





Removes obnoxious odours.


Germguard deodorising properties eliminates odours and also protects treated surfaces from re-colonisation. Obnoxious smells and odours are not simply masked by a perfume.  

Dont just take our word for it.


Dr Mat Upton 


"Most cleaning agents or disinfectants stop working and do not remain active once they have dried."                        

"It is clear from the data that Germguard has a potent activity against the bacteria tested when it is used to coat a surface, no bacteria at all was recovered on either day 6 or day 7 from the Germguard treated worktop surfaces. "


Professor Alistair Leonard


" Germguard is an important find "


"Chlorine releasing agents are a contributor of damage to medical devices, the environment and hypersensitivity in cleaning staff, resulting in poor cleaning compliance within the Health Trust.


Therefore, this study provides evidence that Germguard can replace chlorine releasing agents without a loss of efficiency."


outlasts all leading disinfectants



Why Use Anything Else ?