Protect Your Home & Family


Cleaning and disinfecting of all areas in our busy home to protect our families and visitors is a challenge, conventional disinfectants are not upto the task


Germs can last for days on surfaces in your home and they like to live in the same conditions as we do, warm and cozy, one single surviving bacterium can reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day that can be transferred from surfaces in our homes and back to our bodies causing illness. 


How do they get into your home ?


Children bring germs home from school on their clothes, toys, books etc, adults bring germs home from work, shopping and from otherr day-to-day activities.


Even your pets traipse dirt in the house, and all these activities are spreading germs around your home. Germguard can be applied to your pets new or cleaned belongings including kennels, cages, litter trays and blankets to kill and prevent odour causing bacteria.


There are a million ways that germs can come into our homes, although many of them are a necessary part of life, the few that are bad are really bad and can cause sickness, disease and in some rare cases, even death.


Door handles, desks, handrails, seats, benches, light switches, kitchen and dining tables, work top surfaces, trays, storage lockers, stair bannisters, telephones, monitors, computer keyboards & storage cabinets, are all high touch- high risk areas in your home and they all harbor micro-organisms.


You can't stop Germs from coming into your home, but you can kill them and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, with Germguard, you can protect your home, yourself, your family and your visitors long term.