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Public Health England Release Wordwide Latest Ebola Figures


23,948 Global cases of Ebola associated with the current West African outbreak.

9,729 Total number of deaths associated with this outbreak.

2 UK cases of Ebola seen so far ( includes one case diagnosed in Sierra Leone )

178 Ebola tests carried out by Public Health England in the UK

9 Countries affected so far : Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leona, Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Spain, USA and the UK.

Campylobacter in UK Chickens


Concerns are growing about antibiotic resistance of food-poisoning bacteria carried by poultry, according to a new report. Campylobacter, which is present in many shop chickens, is becoming resistant to frontline drugs, a study in 28 EU countries has found. It reduces the options for treating human infections, say scientists. A separate report by the UK's Food Standards Agency found campylobacter in UK chickens remained at high levels.Tests over the past nine months found 73 per cent of chickens in supermarkets contained campylobacter, which makes 280,000 people ill every year and can cause death.


Germguard has been independently tested and proven effective against Campylobacter.

The Ebola Virus


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Both agencies have advised using disinfectants that have efficacy claims against non enveloped viruses.


There are no specific label claims against Ebola as yet. However, because it is much harder to destroy non enveloped viruses than it is to destroy an enveloped viruses like Ebola, the use of disinfectants with a label claim of being effective against a non enveloped virus will be effective against Ebola. 


Gemguard has been independently tested and proven effective against non enveloped viruses. 



New Project

Dr Terry Child - Food Hygiene Technology


At the request of one of the UK's most respected Doctors in the field of Food Hygiene Technology.


Germguard has undergone field trials for the cleaning, disinfection and long term protection of tap outlets of bottled water and mains fed water coolers against the present industry standard product.



Germguard Active Surface Protection Trial


Germguard technology is currently undergoing trials with one of the worlds largest manufacturers of protective hair and beard nets for use in the surgical, healthcare and food manufacturing sectors.

The trial is to incorporate the Germguard Active Surface Protection technology into their products to offer the worlds first long term antimicrobial protective hair and beard nets.

Germguard Goes International (again)


We are delighted to announce, as a direct result of the recent publication of the NHS Clinical Trial Results Germguard has been chosen as the preferred disinfectant cleaner to The Gambia's largest supplier to the Medical, Healthcare & Hospitality Sector.


Germguard was chosen over many other products, not only for the unique 8 day efficacy Germguard offers, but equally as important in the final decision, were Germguards safety & environmental credentials both for the end user, transportation and the environment. 

The UK’s leading domestic & commercial appliance, Sales, Servicing, Repair and Accessories Company, chosen Germguard to compliment their existing range of appliance cleaning products.


Vincent Vurgest - After listening to our customers and their concerns regarding harsh chemicals contained within some cleaning agents and the effects on the appliance, themselves and the environment. 

Germguard was the obvious choice, not only for its environmental properties, but as our extensive range includes food preparation and storage appliances, ovens, hobs, cookers, fridges, freezers, microwaves and so on, Germguard can also be used to clean and disinfect the inside of the appliances and Germguards 8 day antimicrobial barrier gives our customers additional long term protection against Germs. 

Germguard Goes International 


We are delighted to announce, after recent inclusion in the Wall Street Journal & the publication of recent Clinical Trials, Germguard has been chosen as the preferred disinfectant cleaner of Health In Motion, a progressive supplier to the Medical, Healthcare, Hospitality and Fitness Sectors in the USA.


Germguard was chosen for the unique 8 day proven ability along with afforability to continually protect high touch and high-risk surfaces from Germs after a single application, equally as important in the decision, was Germguards safety & environmental credentials, both in use and transportation.