Protect Your Sports & Fitness Centres


Germs are very active too


Germs like to settle down in the same conditions as we do, warm, cozy and not too dry, your fitness centre, gym, sports centre and equipment make the perfect home. They can last for days on surfaces, one single surviving bacterium can easily reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day that can be transferred from surfaces back to our bodies causing illnesses. 


Sports areas and equipment is a feeding ground for hungry germs looking to grow their families and staff unknowingly spread germs surface-to-surface on cloths and other cleaning materials.


Exercise areas are warm environments by their very nature, due to both the types of equipment that is there and because of the activities of gym members, where perspiration is the order of the day. In fact, it's not the actual perspiration which is a problem. It's the warm and moist conditions left behind by the perspiration that creates an ideal breeding ground environment for germs.


Good fitness centres and gyms naturally have to be kept clean with floors swept and mopped, all the equipment wiped down etc, however, it doesn’t matter how clean a gym is, the point is that with sweaty hands and bodies continually using the equipment, the possibility of cross-contamination and transmission of germs, bacteria and other viruses is ever present.


The presence of fungi can lead to infections such as athlete’s foot, germs such as staphylococcus aureus and streptococci can cause you to suffer from skin infections which are easily transmitted from one person to another, and in severe cases, can even lead to pneumonia.


Although a gym is where we go to get our health and fitness on track, can the gym do more harm than good?









How often do you go into the gym and your waiting for a bench or machine and the person using it gets off and leaves a pool of sweat behind, with no intention of wiping it up, does it sound familiar? 


Exposure to pathogenic micro-organisms in body fluids from gym members in blood, sweat, urine and vomit constitutes a major biological hazard, especialy from blood-borne pathogens & diseases to your members, staff and visitors, Germguard is effective in the presence of organic matter.


Germs have been found in practically every part of the gym, not only the activity areas, but also on workout benches, chairs, lockers, exercise mats, boxing gloves and other exercise equipment, Door handles, couches, tables, light switches, mats, reception counter, telephone, toilets, showers and towel dispernsers are all high touch  high risk areas and they all harbor micro-organisms. 


You can't stop Germs from coming into your fitness centre or gym, but you can kill them and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, and protect your members, staff and visitors long term.