Protect Your Nurseries, Schools, Colleges & Universities


Germs are very clever too


They can last for days on surfaces and they like to work in the same conditions as we do, warm and cozy, one single surviving bacterium can easily reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day that can be transferred from surfaces back to our bodies causing illnesses. 


How do they get into your nursery, school, college or university ?


Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Mould & Fungi are found on our bodies, clothes, belongings & surfaces, they go where we go.


Teachers, students, parents, contractors and visitors all bring germs into the area from day-to-day activities such as travelling to school, work, play, students transmit their germs via desks, toys, and other shared resources, janitorial staff unknowingly spread them surface-to-surface on cloths etc.


There are a million ways that Germs can come into the area, although many microbes are a necessary part of life, the few that are bad are really bad and can cause sickness, disease and in some cases, even death.


Door Handles, desks, handrails, seats, benches, light switches, kitchen and dining areas, vending machines, toys, work top surfaces, trays, storage lockers, lifts, stairwells, telephones, printers, monitors, storage cabinets, are all high touch, high risk areas and they all harbor micro-organisms.


You can't stop Germs from coming into your education facility, but you can kill them, and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, and protect your students, staff and visitors long term.