Dr Mat Upton - Director of the University of Manchester in Medicine & Molecular Microbiology


" Many cleaning agents or disinfectants do not remain active for any appreciable time following application or drying "


A University study under Dr Mat Upton was conducted to examine Germguards unique, 8 day active residual efficacy technology for the protection of surfaces against germs, in an everyday working environment from bacterial colonisation, growth and biofilm formation.

Surfaces were marked out and cleaned with alcohol to remove any viable bacteria or fungi, the surfaces were then allowed to dry. Germguard was used to treat one half of the work surfaces, whilst the other half was left untreated. These surfaces were then left available for everyday heavy routine use within the University, but they were not cleaned again for the whole trial period. 


At regular daily intervals, samples were taken from the surfaces over a 7 day period, a 25cm square area of the surfaces were rubbed with a cotton swab dampened in sterile saline, which was applied to a blood agar plate for recovery of most bacteria and fungi. 


                                                                            Results/Summary of findings







No bacteria at all was recovered on either day 6                                                                         A total of 86 bacterial colonies was recovered  

or  day  7  from the Germguard treated surfaces                                                                         from the surfaces not treated with Germguard













Dr Mat Upton : "It is clear from the data that Germguard has a potent activity against the bacteria tested when it is used to coat a surface, this extends to prevention of bacterial colonisation, growth and biofilm formation."

"The inhibitory activity appears to have a residual nature that lasts for more than 8 days and such activity may be interesting to those responsible for provision of services in a number of settings, as many cleaning agents or disinfectants do not remain active for any appreciable time following application or drying."



Dr Mat Upton confirmed earlier 8 day kill technology results previously achieved in a laboratory, but as we do not all live and work in a controlled laboratory environment, it was entirely appropriate to have Germguards unique properties tested to the limit, in exactly the same environment and conditions we all live and work in every day of our lives, in order that our clients can be assured of the efficacy of the 8 day active surface protection that is offered by Germguard against bacteria to prevent infection and cross contamination.