Protect Your Care & Nursing Homes


All care & nursing home owners know that there are certain legal requirements with regards to health, safety and hygiene, but taking extra care of residents, staff and visitors above and beyond the call of duty will always be well received.


Germguard recognise that hygiene & infection control is vital in the care & nursing home sector, as many of those who live in care homes are among those most at risk of infection, due to age, existing medical conditions, medication and environment.


General cleaning of care homes is fine, but these methods don’t combat bacteria and viruses on frequently touched and difficult to clean surfaces and that is where some of the problems arise. Items such as cushions, curtains, door handles, stair bannisters, light switches invariably have bacteria and viruses embedded in them and they need to be thoroughly disinfected to ensure the least possible chance of infection.








Micro-organisms pose a truly serious threat to those in care and nursing organisations, the elderly and the sick, are all at increased risk of infection from microbes, even healthcare professionals can also be placed at risk by the special demands of their work.


Exposure to pathogenic micro-organisms in body fluids from residents in blood, sweat, urine, vomit and faeces constitutes a major biological hazard to your staff and visitors, especialy from blood-borne pathogens & diseases, Germguard is effective in the presence of organic matter. 


By observing best practice guidelines, and using Germguard as your dedicated infection control disinfectant cleaner, you can help stop infections from both low and high grade pathogens, such as drug resistant strains, including MRSA taking hold, and also offer long term protection for everyone.


They can last for days on surfaces and they like to stay in the same conditions as we do, warm and cozy. One single surviving bacterium can easily reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day that can be transferred from surfaces back to our bodies causing illnesses. 


Germguard is safe and easy to use, as well as being highly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, it is an ideal product for an extensive range of healthcare situations, from routine environmental cleaning to terminal sanitisation and disinfection.


By its very nature, Germguard is effective long term against micro-organisms, even on difficult to disinfect materials such as carpets, curtains, seat covers and fabrics.


You can't stop Germs from coming into your care or nursing home, but you can kill them and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, and protect your residents, staff and visitors long term.