Q. I already use a well known Disinfectant Cleaner, why should I change to Germguard.


Unlike other disinfectant cleaners, which do not offer active continued protection and stop working once dry, or only work for just a short time at best Germguard continues to be effective, even when dry, on almost any target surface, giving continued active surface protection against Germs, long after the others have stopped, protecting for up to 8 days after a single application. 



Q. I own a number of care homes, can Germguard be used in the kitchen and dining area.


We recognise that infection control is vital in the care home sector, as many of those who live in care homes are among those most at risk of infection, due to age, existing medical conditions, medication and environment. However, by observing best practice guidelines, and using Germguard as your dedicated infection control disinfectant cleaner, you can help to stop infections, including MRSA taking hold, and also offer long term protection to your residents and staff, Germguard can be used in all areas including kitchen/dining areas.



Q. Can Germguard be used on my upholstery to clean and disinfect.


Yes, Germguard is non corrosive, non toxic and non bleaching, which means you can use Germguard to clean difficult materials such as carpets, curtains, seat covers etc, Germguard will also remove odours caused by organic bodily fluids, urine, sweat and even offensive cleanser odours.


N.B. We do ask that you spot test an unseen area first though.



Q. Can I use Germguard in my own home and around children.


Yes, Germguard has been formulated in such a way, it is safe to use in almost any area, from a hospital operating theatre, right through to your own domestic kitchen, Germguard is so gentle, it can even be used to clean and disinfect your childrens toys. 



Q. What is Anti-Bacterial.


Anti-Bacterial is a compound or substance that kills or slows down the growth of bacteria. Germguard is an anti-bacterial compound.



Q.  What is Anti-Microbial.


Anti-Microbial is a substance that kills and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. Germguard is an anti-microbial substance.



Q. Why do we need antimicrobial products and disinfectants.


Whilst not all micro-organisms are bad, some are dangerous, antimicrobial products satisfy many needs including preventing biological contamination. The most common use of anti-microbial products is to clean and disinfect. Germguard is used to prevent the spread of infectious organisms such as viruses and bacteria that can cause illness, disease and in some cases, even death. Disinfectant cleaning products and sanitizers are used to kill disease carrying organisms in hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets, shops, and homes, in fact, everywhere.



Q. How can you tell that antimicrobial products work.


Since bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot be seen with the naked eye, extensive testing requirements to British and European Standards & NHS Hospital & University trials assure the validity of all Germguards claims. 



Q.  Do I still need to wipe my surfaces that have been treated with Germguard.


Yes, although Germguards active surface protection provides continuous protection on almost any surface in your home or business for up to 8 days against Germs, it does not replace the need to wipe away dust that accumilates on surfaces daily.



Q.  Is there any odour from Germguard.


None. In fact, existing unpleasant odours can be eliminated as the antimicrobial layer breaks down the contaminants on the surface, Germguard active surface treatment removes odours caused by organics and even offensive cleanser odours.