Protect Your Hospitals, Surgeries & Clinics


Visiting hours are never over for Germs


Micro-organisms are a serious threat to those in the care of Healthcare facilities. The very young, the elderly and the sick all carry an increased risk of infection from Germs. Healthcare workers are also placed at risk by the very nature of thier work.


Germs can last for days on a surface and they like to be treated in the same conditions as we do, warm and cozy, but one single surviving bacterium can easily reproduce into eight million bacteria in a single day, that can be transferred from surfaces back to our bodies causing illnesses.


Doctors, nurses, patients, staff and visitors all bring germs within the hospital, surgical and clinical environment from day-to-day activities such as traveling to work, shopping, school, deiveries etc.


Healthcare workers forgetting to wash their hands, being not 100% compliant with hand hygiene rules, janitorial staff unknowingly spread them surface-to-surface on cloths, mops, brushes etc.


There are a million ways that germs can come into your buildings, although many microbes are a necessary part of life, the few that are bad are really bad and can cause sickness, disease and in some cases, even death.









Exposure to pathogenic micro-organisms in body fluids from patients in blood, sweat, urine, vomit and faeces constitutes a major biological hazard to your staff and visitors, especialy from blood-borne pathogens & diseases, Germguard is effective in the presence of organic matter.


Chairs, counters, door handles; check-in desk, exam tables, beds, food trays, bedrails, doorknobs, handles, curtains, blinds, help-buttons, bedside lockers, showers, toilets seats and toilet handles are all high touch high risk areas and they all harbor germs.


You can't stop Germs from coming into your hospital, surgery or clinic, but you can kill them and stop their ability to repopulate once they're there, and protect your patients, staff and visitors long term.